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Prof. Shantinath Patil M.Phil,M.A.,B.Ed.

Founder and Director of Inspiring English Speaking Centre

Prof .Shantinath Patil has been into the teaching field for last fifteen years.He has trained thousands of the students to speak English fluently.He has been to London for management studies.He has helped many trainers to teach English and he assisted them opening new branches under INSPIRING BRAND.Many teachers have been settled in this academy and they have been earning a good amount for their life.He has designed 18 courses for INSPIRING ACADEMY.He updates his syllabus in every six months.He is passionate about teaching English to students and making them employable.He is producing innovative teachers and giving them platform to start their own branches all over India.

Inspiring English speaking centre is the best spoken English academy in Pune.

Spoken English services of INSPIRING ACADEMY

Basic English courses

We have around five basic courses which enables the students to read and write English.These five courses help students to eradicates the problems of all spellings,vocabulary ,basic grammar and sentences fomrmation.

General English courses

Our six general English coursese make students emplyble and ready to get jobs in their perspective field.These course are less theoretical and more practical.these practical sessions removes the fear and hesitation of the students and brings invincible confidence in students.

Advanced English courses

Seven advanced English course are focused on detailed study of English grammar for professional students,these course enables them to face the cut throat competetions in real English world.These courses prepares students to have an international English personality.

In company training

We have an immense experience in company training,we have offered our services to schools,colleges,factories,organisations,rotary clubs and many self groups.

Residential spoken English camps

We have successfully completed many residential camps across Maharashtra where we train the students to speak English within just seven days.

Spoken English books

Our unique method of spoken English enables students to read ,write and speak English in no time,we have enscripted our methods in books .so you can contact us to buy books.

Professional courses

We have different courses for business,management and working professionals.These courses help them to enhance their business,management and customer skills.

Technology based free services

our youtube channel is the best source to find our real visual training and testimonials ,performances and stories of our students.Facebook pages followers are happy to receive our English educational guidelines.

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