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Easy phonics30 hours3000Reading english sound,training vowel and consonant sound with more than 50 lesson.Kids,housewives and beginners,basic level,1st to 5th students.Pay Online
Reading made easy30 hours3000Reading english diphthongs,100 sound lessons,reading blend words,text book reading and reading english newspaper.Students with reading problems,pronunciation confusion,all students.Pay Online
Spelling error solver30 hours3000112 spelling rules,10000 spelling practice,building the spelling.Students with spelling problemsPay Online
Foundation course30 hours3000Marathi spellings sentenses building,three tenses,countable uncountable nouns,basic writting practice.Students,housewives and beginersPay Online
Knowledge course30 hours3000 To beforms-present,past,future.12 tenses,prepositions, modals,fluency enhancer tables,degrees of adjectives,degrees of adverbs,passive voice,direct and indirect speechStudents,graduates and post graduatesPay Online
Vocabulary and sentenses bulding course50 hours50003000 vocabulary,oral practice of five lac sentences,idioms,phrasal verbs,activity based training without writing.Arts,commerce and science graduates,post graduates.professionals.Pay Online
Practice English course50 hours5000building activities,general etiquettestraining, communication,debates,group discussion,stage daring activities,interview questions and answers.Arts,commerce and science graduates,post graduates,professionals.Pay Online
GD and PI course50 hours5000Group discussion vocabulary,group discussion 2018 topics,Debate lessons, Interview vocabulary,presentation,Interview questions and answers.M.C.A.,B.C.A.,B.B.A.,B.E.,M.TECH.,B.TECH.,
MEDICAL,M.B.A. students and professionals.
Pay Online
Advanced course50 hours5000Advanced English grammar,Parts of speech,mastering vocabulary,telephonic skills,customer care English.M.C.A.,B.C.A.,B.B.A.,B.E.,M.TECH.,B.TECH.,
MEDICAL,M.B.A. students and professionals.
Pay Online
American English50 hours500027 American English conversations,American vocabulary,slang,27 tests,communication.M.C.A.,B.C.A.,B.B.A.,B.E.,M.TECH.,B.TECH.,
MEDICAL,M.B.A. students and professionals.
Pay Online
Personality development30 hours3000Time management,leadership skills,corporate culture,selling skills,life skills,happiness index,balancing life tips.Students,graduates and post graduates and working professionals.Pay Online
Business English60 hours6000English drafting – email writing,formal and informal letters,English punctuation, memos,notes, projectpresentation. Managing meetings,dealing customers.Students,graduates and post graduates and working professionals.Pay Online
Public speaking course30 hours3000Stage daring skills,presentation skills,managing audience,tackling the stage fear.Students,graduates and post graduates and working professionals.Pay Online
Voice and accent training /BPO training30 hours3000Learn different sounds,listening practice,understanding all sounds,managing the overseas customersStudents,graduates and post graduates and working professionals.Pay Online
IELTS60 hours6000Seven steps learning method to get the best bands IELTS.Authorised registration centre of IDP IELTSStudents,graduates and post graduates and working professionals.Pay Online

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